Portreath Sea Wall

Wall Reconstruction

November 2018


The Environment Agency is carrying out repairs to Portreath sea wall, which collapsed during Storm Eleanor on 3 January 2018. The work will maintain the standard of protection from flooding for properties in Portreath. Our contractor BMM JV will be commencing reconstruction works from 15 November 2018.

What does the work involve?

BMM JV will access the collapsed section of wall via the Portreath car park and little beach.  A new reinforced concrete wall will be built where the sea wall collapsed, clad with stone to match the existing wall. There will also be new concrete access steps, and repairs to the slipway. Minor works will also be undertaken to strengthen the remaining wall.

The first item of work will involve diverting a Western Power cable, currently adjacent to the collapsed wall away from the working area. The current temporary defence will remain throughout the works in order to protect properties.

When will work start?

Works are expected to start Thursday 15th November 2018 and anticipated to be completed by March 2019.

What hours will you work?

Standard working hours will be: 07:30-18:00. 

Will the work cause disruption?

There is not expected to be any disruption during these works as we will be working within the fenced off area. Deliveries will where ever possible be programmed outside of peak periods. Lighting will be used during these hours in order for the works to be carried out safely during the winter evenings. A limited number of car parking spaces will be taken within the car park for our compound area.

When and how will I get further communications?

Please contact Becky Richards (Environment Agency Project Manager) at rebecca.richards@environment-agency.gov.uk, or 0208 47 45493 if you have any queries with this work. We will provide further updates as the project progresses.



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