Town and Parish Councils are currently still being consulted on planning applications during the COVID 19 Emergency. Members of Portreath Parish Council have now moved to meeting virtually so previous protocols for commenting on planning applications have now been superseded. Moving forward in the case of the planning consultations, unless otherwise advised the following process will be adopted:

Upon notification from Cornwall Council of a planning application the Clerk will advertise on this website links to all planning applications received from the planning authority. Details of the planning applications will also be shared on Social Media and on the agenda for the next full Parish Council meeting. Details of planning applications are also shared with councillors. Members of the public will be invited to join the relevant virtual meeting of the Council if they wish to speak regarding a planning application and encouraged to comment on the Cornwall Council Planning Portal with their views on the applications.

At their virtual meetings members will consider the planning application as consultees. They will consider the published details of the application, views of the public available on the planning portal, views of the public aired at their virtual meeting, comments of the planning officer (where available) prior to their full debate. At the meeting a resolution will be made on how to respond to the consultation. This will be confirmed by a vote from councillors at the meeting before being submitted on the planning portal by the Clerk.

Portreath Parish Council is consulted on planning applications within the parish and in parishes close to its boundaries for comment as one of many consultees. Porteath Parish Council is not the decision-making authority in the planning process.

Planning Applications for consideration by Councillors as consultees at their meeting 23rd November 2020

At their meeting in December members of Portreath Parish Council will be considering as consultees the following planning applications. If you wish to comment on these applications you can do so by following the links to the Cornwall Council website, or if you would like to join the meeting and address Councillors directly, please contact the Clerk:

Details of how to join the virtual meeting will be published with the agenda on the 30th November.

Demolition of existing mundic bungalow and erection of three detached dwellings with variation of condition 2 of PA18/08750 dated 31.07.20 Tralee, Sunnyvale Road, Portreath PA20/09763 

Planning Decisions from Cornwall Council

During the month of November members of Portreath Parish Council understood that there had been no notification of planning decisions within the parish.


During the month of September members of Portreath Parish Council noted that planning applications PA20/07548 and PA20/06402 had been approved and that planning application PA20/03850 had been refused. It was also noted that during September Portreath Parish Council had been notified of planning application PA20/ 07548 for Non material amendment at 13 Chapel Meadow, and due to the timescales for consultee comments made the representation ‘This response has been formed under the emergency scheme of delegated authority, from an email consultation with councillors, as due to COVID-19, it has not been possible to bring this to a full council meeting within the allowed timescales for consultee comments.

Members of Portreath Parish Council raise no objections to this proposal.’


During the months of July and August 2020, members of Portreath Parish Council noted that that planning applications PA20/04636, PA20/03448, PA20/05609, PA20/04996, PA20/02259 and PA20/03744 had been approved and that planning application PA20/04003 had been refused.


During the month of June 2020, members of Portreath Parish Council noted that that planning applications PA19/10638, PA20/02895 and PA20/04336 had been approved and that planning applications PA20/03662 and PA20/02254 had been refused.


 During the month of May 2020, members of Portreath Parish Council noted that application PA20/02794 has been approved.


During the month of April 2020, Members of Portreath Parish Council noted applications PA20/01386, PA20/01792 & PA20/02049 have been approved and PA19/03295/PREAPP has been closed with advice given.


During the Month of March 2020, Members of Portreath Parish Council have noted that the appeal for planning application PA18/11111 has been dismissed, applications PA19/10851, PA19/10703, PA20/00769 have been approved, PA20/00298 has been withdrawn and advice given on PA20/00372/PREAPP

Planning Consultations and decisions of Cornwall Council 2020


Gwyn Mergh, Battery Hill, Portreath

Proposed demolition of existing dormer bungalow and subsequent construction of replacement dwelling


Land West of Elm Farm, Nancekuke, Redruth

Application for permission in principal for self build single family dwelling


Trevessa, Sea Front, Portreath

Replace existing gable windows with French doors and construction of balco-nies


Enco, Lighthouse Hill, Portreath

Application for alterations and extension to dwelling