Town and Parish Councils are currently still being consulted on planning applications during the Covid 19 Emergency. Members have worked on plan to ensure that the public are still involved in the planning process during this time. Until further notice the Parish Council will use the following protocol when looking at planning applications.

In the case of the Planning consultations, unless otherwise advised the following process will be adopted:
The clerk will advertise on the council’s website links to all planning applications received from the planning authority on the council’s website, offering the public the opportunity to let the council know of any views.  The notice will give a deadline for public comments to be made via the Cornwall Council planning portal within 5 working days. (Or direct to the Clerk if this is not possible)  At the same time the clerk will circulate the list with links to all members of the council.

At the end of the public opportunity to comment, the clerk will forward a summary of the public comments received to all members for member comments for a period of a further 5 working days. 

Under the Emergency Scheme of Delegation, the Clerk, Chairman and Vice-Chairman and appropriate members will agree a council response which identifies relevant material considerations and may give local information or opinion.  The draft response is then shared with members for 2 days for any comments, before being sent to Cornwall Council.  


25th March 2020

Members will be considering the following planning applications as consultees. Details of the planning applications can be found on the Cornwall Council website on the links provided below.

If you would like you comments and views on these planning applications considered by members when making their representation to the planning department please ensure your comments are submitted to the planning portal (or to the Clerk if this is not possible) by: 5pm on Wednesday 1st April 2020


PA20/01290, Garry Glass, Penberthy Road, Portreath, TR16 4LN
Proposal to sub divide the property into a ground floor holiday let, whilst still retaining a 3 bedroom residential property upstairs.


PA20/01386, Cambridge Barn, New Portreath Road, Redruth, TR16 4QL
Erection of a 2 storey extension to dwelling


PA20/01792, Fairfield House, Bridge, Redruth TR16 4QG
Works to trees subject to a TPO


PA20/02049, Leabank, Feadon Lane, Portreath TR16 4PF
Demolition of rear conservatory to be replaced with a single storey extension to provide dining area. Front infill extension. Front Single storey extension to provide porch. Front pitched dormer windows. Associated works


PA20/02259, Glen Cottage, Bridge, Redruth, TR16 4QG

Proposed Extension & Alterations to Existing Dwelling