Public Consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is now live

The Consultation for the draft Neighbourhood Development plan is now live. You can see all the details of the plan and comment on the plan via the Neighbourhood Development Plan website:

 The consultation runs from 12th October until 31st December 2020. You can comment on the draft plan by using this link

There will also be drop-in zoom sessions which will be held on 26/10 7-9pm, 11/11 2-4pm and 25/11 7-9pm. For details of these or if you have any questions please contact the Neighbourhood Development Plan Team:

To join the Zoom meeting on the 25th November at 7pm please use the link below.


Telephone: 07780828751

Or via facebook:

Portreath Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Statement November 2020


What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document prepared by the community. It gives local people a proper say over the future development of where they live, what new buildings will look like, where they will be built, whilst maintaining the environment and promoting biodiversity.


Why should Portreath have a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The neighbourhood plan will be a planning document which supports the development of a vibrant and sustainable community for residents and businesses of Portreath. It will protect, sustain and enhance the Parish without compromising the environment for future generations.


What is the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group and who are the members?

The steering group is made up of volunteers from the parish including two members of Portreath Parish Council. The Steering group have been appointed to create a plan on behalf of Portreath Parish Council.


The steering group’s role is to ensure that the community is fully involved and at the heart of every stage of creating the plan. It also ensures that the statutory process is complied with.  In addition to the steering group many residents in the parish have volunteered to help with creating the plan.


This is the first I have heard of the Neighbourhood Development Plan!

There has plenty of opportunities to be involved with the Neighbourhood Development Plan during the past three years, including both being involved with the steering group, the group of volunteers and general consultations:


Notices have been placed in the parish notice boards and surveys, questionnaires and leaflets have been delivered to every home in the parish.


What stage is the plan at now?

The Portreath Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan is currently at the pre-submission consultation stage. The consultation started on the 12th October and runs until the 31dst December 2020. The full plan can be seen on the NDP and parish council websites


What are the next Steps for the Plan?

-          Feedback from the consultation will be considered and necessary amendments to the draft plan based on the evidence received can be made.


-         The revised plan will be presented to the full Parish Council for approval.


-         The revised plan will be formally submitted to Cornwall Council.


-         Consideration will be given to the plan by Cornwall Council and an independent examiner.


-          Finally, there will be a referendum where the question asked will be: ‘Do you want Cornwall Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Portreath to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area? Electors in the Parish will be given the option to vote yes or no.


I don’t agree with a policy within the plan what can I do?

Identify the area that is of concern and get in touch with the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group and let them know.


I don’t agree with a settlement boundary in the proposed plan what can I do? 

Identify the area that is of concern and get in touch with the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group and let them know.


I agree with the recommendations of the Neighbourhood Development plan what can I do?

Get in touch with the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group and let them know.


How do I contact the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group?

There are a number of ways the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group can be contacted:


Telephone:                           07780828751



Go Collaborate:        



Actions being taken following recent community feedback

Members of Portreath Parish Council and the steering group value the community’s feedback on the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan. Therefore, following the recent feedback received we will:

-          Update the Neighbourhood Development Plan website to include the minutes and agendas for all meetings held by the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group to date. (These are already on the parish council website)


-         Extend the consultation period for an additional period until the end of December 2020.


-         Provide Hard Copies of the summary plan for all those who would like to see one during the consultation period.  These will be available at the post office.


-         Provide Written feedback forms will be attached to the hard copies for those who wish to comment but do not have access to the internet. 

-         Ensure the ‘Go Collaborate’ platform is simplified, will be less slow to use and provide telephone support where needed.


All feedback provided will be included in the final report for the parish council Please use any of the above contacts to provide this feedback.  The final plan will where possible include amendments which reflect the feedback of the community prior to the submission of the plan to Cornwall Council.




Neighbourhood Development Plan- Phase One Report - NOW COMPLETE

To read the full Neighbourhood Development Plan - Phase One Report please click on the following link:

To read the Portreath Parish Neighbourhood Deevelopment Plan Phase One Report Click Here