The Council

Portreath Parish council LogoPortreath Parish Council run the administration of the parish dealing with all planning applications, footpaths, highways and any other matters that arise from the Parish of Portreath.

The first meeting of the parish council was held on Monday 15 April 1985. It came about through the hard work of members of The Portreath Improvements Committee in particular the late John Martin.
He had worked tirelessly since 1978 to get a parish council formed in Portreath to gain independence from the Illogan parish.
The election for councillors was held on 28 March 1985 and the winners were, John Martin, Ashton White, Nigel Mathews, Madge Powell, Simon Moyle, Alan Vine, Alice Fitton. With Nigel Mathews enjoying uninterrupted service to 2012. Our Clerk to the council Jean Oates has served throughout the life of the council.

The first big task the new council tackled was the virtually derelict area of quayside, which was transformed into a public seating area. At the opening ceremony Councilor Ashton White immediately appealed for motorcyclists to stay clear of the area and for dog owners to clear up after their pets.
Councilor White unveiled a plaque mounted on a granite cairn, which was once, one of the original bollards when the harbour was built in 1750. The total cost of the improvements was £1759.89, which was raised from the parish council, public donations, a Kerrier district council grant and monies from the Alice Fitton Memorial fund.

The work of the council carries on to date with the task of co-ordinating the village's application for Objective one funding for a regeneration of the village. A public meeting was held on Saturday 26 April 2003 for the opinions of the parish on what form the regeneration should take.
The single most frequently cited issues related to traffic and specifically to slowing vehicles down on the B3300, which runs through the village from Penberthy Road to Tregea Hill. There were also a number of concerns about dog fouling and the provision of dog bins throughout the village.